One of the most highly respected and sought after brands in road bikes remains the Fuji Bicycle company in Japan. The company boasts an astounding 100 plus year history in the bicycle manufacturing industry with many notable accomplishments along the way such as the establishment of the now world renowned Tour de Japan race and the first to introduce the Shimano Dura Ace part group on its bikes. The following article will give a Fuji Newest 4.0 Review, one of the company’s premier road bikes.

At a modest 500 dollars for a road bike, the 4.0 delivers a lot in an economical package. It features a 24 speed Shimano SL-R400 down tube shifter great for use in a variety of road inclines and environments. The chain is a KMC Z-72 and the brake components are made of a forged aluminum and are dual pivot R-310A’s. Spokes are manufactured of 14G stainless steel and the stem is made from proprietary adjustable road aluminum. All in all a very durable light weight construction overview for a smaller price.

Many users reported that the strengths of the bike are its durable frame and comfortable ride. Some drawbacks were lack of smoothness or a lag in shifting and the actual placement of the down tube shifters claiming that they can be bumped with the knees. Many reviewers were first time road bike owners and commented on the great price combined with value in features. Many said it was an excellent entry-level bike for novice or intermediate road riders. Other positive comments are that the bike is ultra light and easy to carry, great braking capabilities, smooth ride and easy setup. Additional negative comments included a sticky or clunky shifting, practical but ineffective shifter placement, geared more for racing than novice or intermediate riding, and pedals do not accommodate toe clips.

The most frequent comment from users came back to the price of the bike, which was thought to be reasonable across all reviews. Compared to many other professional race bikes on the market, the price of the 500 dollar 4.0 is incredibly reasonable. Buyers can expect to pay at least 3 times that for models that are slightly more sophisticated from other manufacturers. For example, a 2010 Shimano Ultegra, which has similar features and construction to the 4.0, however it retails for up to 2,000 dollars. Overall, the Newest 4.0 has a good array of practical and useful features for the more economical price.


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