What is the best way to exercise your body and firm up and enjoy all of the outdoors? We all remember the excitement of learning to ride that first bicycle. Obesity would be a thing of the past if we could get our children off the couch, and away from the video games and let them ride the bikes like we did growing up.

Now is the time to jump back aboard the two-wheeler and use it to strengthen your heart. It is a quiet way to commune with mother nature and enjoy beasts that pass in front of you because you are not making lots of noise. Biking outside is a great distance consumer as you go further and faster and make the miles drop behind you.

Always wear the helmet the law says you need because just like driving a car you need to ride defensively. If you are riding in a park it is still a good idea to try to be as safe as you can. They have races for people when they get in shape, or just ride with a friend or two and pick a destination and go for lunch.

This is a form of transportation I used to get to work when work was not that far away. You do not even need to think of it as exercise.

It does not matter if it’s outside or inside the heart gets all the oxygen pounding that it needs to keep it strong. When riding in the house it gets boring even though you know you are doing something to help your future health.

The bicycles inside can become more pleasantly experienced with tapes from the library while you watch the scenery go by its like you are along for the ride with the other bike riders. You are traveling in the mountains and viewing places you have never been and getting your body in a great healthy state all at once.

Remember your heart is as big as your fist and if your package gets larger, your heart does not and it has to work so much harder to keep you full of life and vigor. Keep yourself healthy for yourself, your family and everyone that loves you for you.

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